IDO: Jan 24th 10:00 CET — Jan 26th 10:00 CET

You know what day it is, Samecoiners. It’s IDO sale day. Get ready to officially become a token holder and member of the DAO.

Don’t forget:

Round 1 Whitelisted Members:

Round 1 Whitelisted Samecoiners are entitled to purchase SAME in a range from 1,000…

Samecoiners, get ready. The moment you’ve been waiting is almost here. Yep! The IDO sale is officially open tomorrow. Can you believe it? The excitement is real.

Congratulations to our Samecoiners who were recently granted the whitelisted role and who successfully passed KYC. You and our Round 1 Samecoiners have…


After months of hard work, we’re pleased to be launching the brand-new SamePay website. Lots of you have been asking about SamePay, as well as the website and app launch and we’re excited to bring the new website to you. At the moment, we have a homepage and blog…

Hey Samecoiners! We hope you’re enjoying what 2022 has to offer so far.

We’re back with another exciting update regarding our 2022 calendar. Round 2 of the IDO whitelist registration is officially open! Those of you who missed out on the whitelist in Round 1 now have the perfect opportunity…

What’s new this January, Samecoiners?

January is a jam-packed month here at Samecoin. Our community is growing. Our team is working hard both behind the scenes and in front of your eyes. Things are really ramping up. There’s never been a better time to get on board.

The IDO is…

Dear Samecoiners,

One month ago, Samecoin marketing team opened the Samecoin Community Discord server and the weeks following that have been simply amazing. We are so grateful for the immense support and enthusiasm coming from our older followers and those who have just recently discovered Samecoin Ecosystem.

The Discord server…

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