Chapter 1: It all starts with a Vision

Dear Samecoiners,

One month ago, Samecoin marketing team opened the Samecoin Community Discord server and the weeks following that have been simply amazing. We are so grateful for the immense support and enthusiasm coming from our older followers and those who have just recently discovered Samecoin Ecosystem.

The Discord server community is growing day by day and we appreciate every comment, feedback and question that comes our way. We appreciate the positive ones as they enforce our confidence in our vision, but we equally appreciate the criticisms as it helps us to improve and solidify our core strategy.

In order to keep the feedback coming, it’s important that we openly communicate our vision, strategy and plan. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be doing so via these diaries on Medium. Every diary will go over a part of the project and you can share your thoughts with us in the comments or on our Discord server.

Samecoin is a large project with many different components that work together to achieve a vision that was first established in 2020. Our website has a lot of information. However, it does not explain how it all started or where we see it going. In today’s post we will explain the most important things behind every successful project; the vision and the mission.

Where did it all start?

Many people start a project with a name, but we started with an idea. We started working on Samecoin when it didn’t even have a name yet. All we had was our frustrations at crypto. We realised that crypto had so far failed to do what it was supposed to.

  • Crypto failed at enabling people to be their own bank. Most people today store their crypto in centralised wallets and exchanges. And it’s not safe!
  • Crypto failed at becoming a currency. Most people still have no idea how to value things in crypto denominations and most shops do not support it. How do you spend cryptocurrency then?
  • Crypto failed at providing a better user experience for payments. Average consumers still do not understand how to use it and shops aren’t convinced by it. The most popular question is what is it and how do you understand it?

For reference: Crypto was first discovered when Satoshi Nakamoto released his Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. Since then, Bitcoin has spawned a massive movement, a new 1 Trillion Dollar market cap asset, and thousands of companies and start-ups. Impressive, isn’t it?

Just think about it: Is “crypto debit card” issued by a centralised institution which only allows us to spend crypto that you store in a centralised exchange, the best we can do? Not your keys, not your crypto, right?

The Vision

We believe there are global problems that can be solved with our solutions. Samecoin team is building an ecosystem of products that simplify crypto and bring it into every individual’s and business owner’s pocket. Including yours! 😉

It’s really quite simple. The entire ecosystem will be backed by a decentralised payments system that is easy to use and globally available. The entire system is built on top of DeFi — through our Samecoin Protocol and SameFinance. This makes it endlessly scalable, as it’s able to plug-in to multiple sources of liquidity and provide additional utility.

My next diary entry about the project will be out very soon! I’ll talk about our strategy to achieve our goals, so don’t forget to subscribe and keep an eye on the Discord server for updates:

  • The Samecoin Team