DeFi in Samecoin — The Common Man’s DeFi Application

The problem with much of the crypto and digital payment landscape these days is that they aren’t built for the common man, like Joe. Joe isn’t stupid, but he hasn’t got time to read hours of whitepapers on cryptocurrencies or do tons of research. He’s seen a bit of talk in the media, especially Bitcoin, and he’s heard his friends mention them a few times.

Joe doesn’t really understand what DeFi is. Joe isn’t alone.

Recently, Joe was alerted to a new ecosystem of stablecoins that aims to bring the benefits of DeFi to normal people just like him.

All he had to do was download the SamePay app to get started. And to his surprise, the whole process was far easier than he thought it would be.

He’d already heard how hard signing up to some crypto exchanges was. It’s one of the things that had put him off in the past. But no, with SamePay he was ready to go and authenticated in just a few minutes. He could start enjoying the benefits the whole ecosystem has to offer straight away.

Already he had bought some SameUSD, and he liked the idea of a currency he could understand. Yes, he wouldn’t have minded buying some BTC back in the early days and now be sipping margaritas on his yacht, but Joe’s a normal guy — he’s a bit more realistic than that.

And he never really understood the value of BTC for real world stuff like new tools or an upgrade on his van. Working out the dollar amount of one BTC on any particular day is something he’s simply too busy to get his head around. So Joe likes the idea of SameUSD — a currency he can actually use and understand.

What Joe didn’t realise was that he was also enjoying all of the benefits of DeFi without really having to think too hard about them. He had control of his money in SamePay, and security has been built to the highest-standards on a platform people who do understand these things can verify.

The problem with many other DeFi ecosystems is that things like minting, staking and rewards are complicated. As everything was made easy for Joe in the SamePay app, he could simply and easily use these DeFi features without really understanding how they worked. The app gave clear instructions to the benefits and he could stake some of his SameUSD with a few simple clicks. It’s as easy as that with Samecoin.

Joe even referred a few more of his friends to SamePay and got a few more SameUSD in return. Other normal people just like Joe, people who didn’t have time to research crypto but could also easily understand the benefits when they installed SamePay. That’s why SamePay and the wider Samecoin ecosystem are perfectly placed to reach more normal people, becoming the go-to crypto ecosystem for everyone, not just the tech-savvy. More people like Joe, and more people like you.

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