How can SamePay Make Transactions More Secure?

If simple digital payments really want to take off, they need to be secure. Many traditional ways to send crypto aren’t simple, or secure either. That’s why SamePay is the obvious solution, a simple wallet app everyone can understand, that’s also completely secure at the same time. Not only is it secure, it’s also fast. So let’s have a look at a little bit more about SamePay and how it makes your crypto transactions as secure as possible.

What is SamePay?

SamePay is a digital payments app that has been built alongside the Samecoin ecosystem of stablecoins. But users don’t just have to use SamePay to transact convenient digital currencies like SameUSD, they can use it for everything from BTC to DOGE and XRP. To both hold, transact, exchange and receive all these coins with simple, fast and secure methods.

How can SamePay make transactions more secure?

Authentication to confirm every transaction

SamePay has some of the strongest methods of authentication in the crypto world. These are all designed to make sure it’s actually you doing the transaction, every single time. But they’ve also been developed to not just be completely secure, but also quick and easy to use (for anyone). That means you won’t be slowed down by lengthy confirmation processes, but will still have all the security features you need to transact safely.

SamePay uses a range of different authentication methods to make sure it’s always you completing the transaction in a quick and easy manner. These include facial recognition and fingerprinting technology, as well as pincodes if your device doesn’t support those.

Simple wallet addresses

Have you ever tried sending crypto only to be confused by the whole process? You’re not alone. Bob tried to send some crypto to a friend once and made one small typo, his friend didn’t get the funds! Thankfully it was only a few DOGE, so not a fortune, but it’s something Bob definitely wants to avoid for future transactions, especially larger ones. That’s why Bob likes how easy to use SamePay is, especially in conjunction with SameID — simple wallet addresses that are hard to get wrong.

Nobody wants to spend minutes checking they’ve typed in the correct wallet address. It slows the whole process down, and also leads to a system that isn’t secure from errors. SamePay holds all your different crypto in separate wallets that you don’t need to know the address of, you just need to know your SameID. Simple. And secure. Samecoin ecosystem is also being audited by Certik and the results are transparently seen here.

SamePay has also been built alongside a completely secure and transparent Samecoin ecosystem. Holders of Samecoin on the SamePay app will get a reduction on fees that are already some of the lowest in the industry, as well as rights to vote on the future governance of the system and rewards from staking their Samecoin and stablecoins like SameUSD.

Now crypto fans have an easy-to-use system that’s also completely secure for all transactions, thanks to SamePay.