How SameUSD Makes Buying NFTs Stress-Free

Pablo has been trying to buy an NFT for some time. He loves baseball, and has watched the recent growth of Non-Fungible Tokens with interest. He wants to get a digital baseball-card that’s completely unique. He believes it’s a great investment, but also simply likes buying cool new things with new technology. The NFT landscape is confusing for many people, but as an early-adopter, Pablo believes he’s getting into something that could have huge growth. He doesn’t really know if his Curt Schilling NFT will be worth loads more in the future, but he doesn’t really care. He just wants it.

However, actually buying the NFT isn’t as easy as he’d hoped. Even though he has some BTC to spend on it. Pablo already bought his first NFT a few weeks ago, and what was supposed to be a simple process became stressful (and expensive). In a minute, we’ll look at why. But first, you might be wondering what an NFT even is…

What is an NFT?

Someone recently “bought” the very first tweet for millions of dollars. They now own the digital NFT of a piece of internet history. Not all NFTs are that expensive, though.

Why buying NFTs with Bitcoin can be stressful

Not only that, but a few weeks later, Pablo checked the price of BTC again. That is worth even more! Why did he “waste” it on an NFT that hadn’t gone up anywhere near as much in price? If only Pablo had used a different currency for his NFT purchase.

How SameUSD makes buying NFTs much easier

Now Pablo can buy his NFT baseball card with complete confidence. Using SameUSD, the whole process was easy to understand and stress-free. That’s why more and more people are using stablecoins like SameUSD to buy NFTs.