How the Samecoin Ecosystem Makes It Easy to Trade Multiple Currencies

Samecoin’s innovative new ecosystem is a game-changer. It makes it easy for those new to crypto to get started, as well as those who’ve been in the game for a while. But first, you need to understand how the ecosystem works and how Samecoin’s range of features can work for you… Just like they worked for Peter. We’ll tell you his story in a minute.

The Samecoin protocol has its own utility token dubbed Samecoin ($SAME), but that’s not where the real magic happens. While this Samecoin token offers great potential by itself — the real benefits start rolling in when used in conjunction with one of the ecosystem’s range of stablecoins like SameUSD and the SamePay trading app.

Let’s look at how all these worked for Peter, so you can understand them a little better…

How Samecoin simplifies the trading process

He’d also tried buying some crypto on another exchange and found the whole process while depositing and using actual fiat currencies really complicated. Why did there have to be so many hurdles to jump over? He thought it should have been simple, but it wasn’t.

That’s when he found out about Samecoin’s ecosystem from a friend. For Peter, it started with SamePay — Samecoin’s crypto payment and exchange app. Peter was surprised how easy it was to get started, he was up and running in a couple of minutes, with only a few easy clicks. Everything was laid out in an easy interface even he could understand (with little to no crypto experience).

By holding and staking the Samecoin utility token, Peter was able to enjoy reduced fees when using the app to exchange into any other major cryptocurrency. The fees were already low (0.1 percent), but this made them even lower — 0.075 percent (and he got votes on governance issues and more).

Peter could also consolidate his fiat currency into SameUSD, making it a quick switch whenever he wanted to buy other cryptocurrencies. He could understand exactly what SameUSD was worth, easily. This actually made SameUSD something he was happy to buy a new TV with as well — he understood what the value was in a currency he could understand, and he knew it wasn’t going to fluctuate wildly before the transaction had been processed.

Peter loved SamePay’s easy interface. He could now quickly trade between SameUSD and ETH or BTC with just a couple of simple clicks. All with the lowest fees on the market.