Same Finance Clans - Believe the Hype

Believe the hype, Samecoin gang. Let us show you why Same Finance Clans are the ultimate place to be.

So, let’s explore The Clan. What it is, what benefits come along with being part of it, what you can do, and much more.

What is a Clan?

Samecoin Clans are a form of community organization, with the aim to help further build and strengthen the Samecoin ecosystem.

Anyone can establish a Clan by spending SAME. The founder of a Clan can determine its name, theme color, attributes and logo.

The Clan owner can invite their friends and also assign them special roles, which can only be customised by the Clan owner. These special roles can either be assigned directly like this or democratically elected via an internal vote by Clan members.

A Clan can also sell entry tickets to the community for a set amount of SAME tokens. The price of an entry ticket can only be set by the Clan owner. 50% of entry fees collected through ticket sales goes to the Clan owner and the rest is pooled up and given to the largest contributor of the Clan.

Clans may be a more efficient way of community governance, in contrast to the often low-activity governance methods that are now commonly found. Shaped similarly to political parties, they form the basis of a governance parliament, with all future resolutions of Same Finance voted on by Clans and their members.

Each Clan is also represented as an NFT. The founder or current owner of the Clan has the option to sell ownership of their clan on an NFT marketplace.

A heat map will visually display the contribution and influence of each Clan, showing their market share across the different functions and markets of Same Finance.

So, Why Join a Clan?

Clan Owners can set their Focus, which is a multiplier boost on rewards gained from Same Finance functions like Stake and Farm. The boost is applied to all clan members, with the size of the multiplier increasing based on the market share and size of the Clan.

By joining a Clan with strong market share and with a Focus that corresponds with your favorite function, a user can potentially gain more than their own individual rewards from yield farming & staking.

You can also join a Clan that best represents your approach on how to manage Samecoin. For example, you might join a Clan that prefers to vote on adding more token deflationary methods, or a clan that prefers to add more deposit pools.

The Clan owner and leadership guides their clan members and adopts the correct Farming & Trading strategy according to the different characteristics of the group.

The Future of the Clan

We plan to add a lot more features to Clans. We’d like to focus on adding competitive experiences between different Clans, such as leaderboards, competitions and beta. We’d also like to focus on social features, making governance more meaningful and impactful than ever before.

We see Clans as a way to potentially create new communities around Samecoin, with various interests, opinions and cultures.

The most important thing is that Clans are a social experiment for our future DAO. With your help, we will build a better decentralized financial world, together.

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