Sep 17, 2021

2 min read

Samecoin brings users further benefits through Polygon launch

Thanks to the Samecoin integration into the Polygon chain, more users can now enjoy the myriad of benefits available from running the Samecoin ecosystem. The highly anticipated launch is coming soon, so let’s explore more about Samecoin and the Polygon chain.

Polygon is a protocol and framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Polygon also acts as an aggregator, responsible for scaling solutions on Ethereum, all while supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem. As a popular chain with low fees, Polygon is a solid choice for the whole Samecoin ecosystem to run on.

The team at Samecoin, along with SameUSD and SameFinance, are making final preparations for the upcoming launch on Polygon. We anticipate strong results and an all-around great user experience with Polygon, thanks to satisfaction among users.

The Polygon multi-chain system can also fully benefit from Ethereum’s network effects. It is inherently more secure, more open, and more powerful. By integrating with Polygon, Samecoin can better solve pain points associated with Blockchains and can let users enjoy lower gas fees while improving speed, without sacrificing security.

That being said, Samecoin will now cooperate with Polygon in ecological construction, resource sharing, market promotion, and other aspects.

Samecoin is looking forward to further cooperation with Polygon and will continue to enrich its metaverse on Polygon.

Check out the Polygon website and read about Samecoin for further insight.