Samecoin IDO Whitelist Registration Now Closed- More Chances to Get Whitelisted Available

Samecoiners, fear not. The IDO whitelist registration page may be closed, however, it’s not too late to secure a place. We’ve reserved a number of spots for active members on Discord, as well as members with the most real invites!

You may have noticed that our Discord server has been growing exponentially over the past couple weeks. More and more people around the world are hearing about the Samecoin project and are as passionate as our team in growing our presence.

We are giving back to our community members who continue to be active on Discord by offering reserved whitelist spots for those who missed out.

We’ve reserved places for the following:

^Each member should have a minimum of 15 invites each.


By Christmas, we’ll review our most active users and those of you with the most real invites and the winners of the whitelist missions will be revealed!

So, Samecoiners. It’s that simple. Get active. Start inviting.

Increase your chances of securing a place on the IDO #Whitelist today.

And if you haven’t already…