Samecoin’s December BIG Quiz with even BIGGER Rewards is Here

Samecoiners. It’s time. You’ve had the initial quiz to get those brains working. Now it’s time for something bigger and better.

Samecoin’s December Big quiz is bursting with rewards that we know you’ll love. We’ve got something for whitelisted members and non-whitelisted members. It’s gonna be epic.

The 2nd round of whitelisting begins on the 17th of Jan and runs until the 21st, with just 100 spots available. However, we know that so many of you are eager to secure your place so we’re running the Samecoin December Big Quiz to give you that opportunity. We’re reserving 50 spots for the IDO whitelist.

As mentioned above, there’s something in it for you whitelisted members as well. Everyone taking part in the quiz will have the chance to win SAME tokens as a result of placing high in the ranking. We’ve got 100 SAME tokens to give away.

We ask you not to cheat. We’ll notice. When all open text box answers are similar… we know something fishy is going on.

Find all the answers on the Samecoin website: and Discord: So, take part in the fun, test your knowledge and enjoy!

🙌 Start the quiz now: