Jun 10, 2021

3 min read

SamePay — The Perfect Balance Between Ease of Use and Security

With the revolutionary new payments and wallet app SamePay that’s closely integrated into the wider Samecoin DeFi ecosystem, everyone now has an easy-to-use crypto app at their fingertips.

SamePay is the perfect option for those who want full control of their crypto payments and holdings with a simple interface that everyone can understand. And it has also been built from the ground up with security at its core. Meaning everyone can now enjoy secure, fast transactions and a platform they can understand. What makes SamePay the perfect solution for those looking for the right balance between ease of use and security? Let’s have a look.

The simplest solution in the crypto world

Bob’s bought a few crypto before. He’s not rich, so he doesn’t have 10 BTC. He got in a bit late for that. But he still loves the idea, and enjoys checking how much his altcoins portfolio is worth.

The problem is, Bob’s a busy man — and he’s been put off by how complicated other crypto platforms have been in the past. Last time he tried to sign up for one, he simply gave up because verifying his identity was too hard.

That’s why he loves SamePay. It wasn’t just easy to sign up, it was also easy to use as soon as he got access (within minutes).

He loves being able to see the real USD value of all his different coins on the SamePay home screen. He has easy transaction options at his fingertips.

He also loves the easy-to-remember wallet addresses. When he sent some ETH to a friend, he didn’t have to worry about typing in the right address. He just entered their SameID.

And logging in with his SameID is really easy, too. He doesn’t have to remember all sorts of info like on other platforms.

Industry-leading security

But security is also important to Bob. He doesn’t just want a platform that’s easy to use. He wants one that he knows will keep his information and portfolios secure. He’s got all that and more with SamePay.

Not only do simple wallet addresses make it easier to send crypto securely, but SamePay has a range of other security features that set it apart from other players in the market, like fingerprinting recognition and more. All transactions on SamePay will confirm and authenticate quickly, easily and security — so no issues arise, but it’s also a simple process everyone can understand and benefit from. Samecoin ecosystem is also being audited by Certik and the results are transparently seen here.

SamePay has been built as part of the Samecoin ecosystem and has full integration into their wider DeFi protocols. Providing an environment that’s transparent and open for anyone to inspect.

Samecoin and SamePay look set to lead the way as the future of a safe and convenient crypto world. Intuitive security checks are at the heart of SamePay, which has tons of benefits for both users and businesses — paving the way for mass-market adoption. All these reasons and more are why Bob loves SamePay, and why you might too.